Heat and Ice Neck Pad

Heat and Ice Neck Pad
Item# Heat-ice-pad-neck

Product Description

When you have tired, sore, stiff muscles, these are the perfect solution for you.

This is the “Neck Pad” version, measuring 6” x 24”. (*) These Heating and Ice Pads feature a removable, washable cover.

Each pad is filled with your choice of 'split peas', 'rice', or 'flax seeds' and lavender buds. When heated, the lavender provides that soothing, relaxing, aroma therapy. An “unscented” version is also available.

For use as a heating pad: microwave, on HIGH, for 1 minute, If needed, microwave in additional 30 second increments. CAUTION: Overheating will cause the contents to become ‘Very Hot’ and cause burns. Over heating will cause the pads to burn.

Pads may be placed in the freezer to be used as an Ice Pack.

(*) – Size approximate. Fabric colors and print vary.

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