Neck Cooling Band

Neck Cooling Band
Neck Cooling Band
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Product Description

The Neck Cooling Band has many uses.

Great for use around the neck to keep the body cool during the hot days of summer. The Cooling Neck Band can also provide relief for fevers, headaches, nausea, minor sunburn, sprains, bites, neck aches, and Hot Flashes!

The Neck Cooling Band cools you down in two ways - (1) evaporative cooling (2) because the band is around your neck blood flowing through your carotid arteries is cooled, helping to cool your core body temperature.

The Neck Cooling Band is SAFE and re-usable. It contains non-toxic polymer beads.

Simply immerse in cool water until the crystals absorb the water (15 30 minutes) and place around your neck.

(NOTE: colors and patterns vary)

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